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Driver License Scanning

Kick off car sales on the right foot. DealerPeak Classic contains a driver license scan tool. This allows dealership sales professionals to take a picture of the license on the lot, upload to our cloud-based CRM, and create a new customer profile.

Desk Deals

Fine-tune deals for max profits with DealerPeak Classic desking options. Users can swap lender and applicant information, review and display different deal numbers on their tablet, desktop, laptop or mobile device - and adjust deals on the fly.

Task Automation

Customize your communication and workflow with our powerful automation tools. DealerPeak Classic allows all users throughout your network to set-up custom alerts for email, push notifications on smartphones, and on-screen.

Target Market

Identify, review, and fine-tune your target marketing and lead generation programs. DealerPeak Classic permits managers and users to locate future customers, review metrics, and adjust campaigns for success.

Video, MMS & SMS Text

Maintain all communication records with DealerPeak Classic mobile-accessible CRM. Our communication tools allow users to set-up phone call recording, SMS/MMS notifications, and email alerts. Store communication with customers for easier follow-up and record keeping.

Credit Push

Review credit ratings from Route One, Dealertrack, CUDL, and 700Credit - then quickly push forward to lenders from your mobile device and from any location. Access pre-printed documents, send to remote printers to improve deal accuracy and speed.

On Demand Reporting

The DealerPeak Classic car dealer CRM is packed with reporting solutions that are easy to configure to personal preference. The Activity Manager Overview (AMO) provides you with a snapshot of vital reports, while automatic report distribution improves communication.

Inventory Syndication

Managing inventory at multiple locations is simplified with DealerPeak Classic. Our mobile scan of VIN numbers imports data, while users can upload photos, insert vehicle data, and assign vehicles of interest to new customers.

VIN Scanning

Reduce downtime and waiting on the appraisal desk. DealerPeak Classic's VIN scan permits users to scan the VIN ID tag, upload details to the CRM, update vehicles specifics, images, and push forward to the appraisal desk for quicker trade deals.

DMS Push

DealerPeak Classic is compatible with most DMS solutions. Our complete mobile access permits all users to expedite the DMS input process, removing the need to swap data between redundant systems - from the comfort of their mobile device.


Trade-in and appraisals are streamlined with improved customer service thanks to DealerPeak Classic. The VIN scan and automatic decoding, auto trade profile population, and other real-time updates improve the appraisal process - with full mobile connectivity.

Self-Manage Website

Self manage your network of dealership websites from any mobile device and from any location. Update your vehicle inventory on the fly, edit content, enhance your SEO, or change incentives and deals with DealerPeak Classic.

Complete Mobile Access to CRM Solutions

DealerPeak Classic is completely accessible via any mobile device – from any location. It’s a full-service automotive car dealership CRM solution that is designed for the enterprise-level network. This permits managers and executives to manage the entire network from the comfort of their mobile device.

A Mobile CRM to Connect the Enterprise Network

DealerPeak Classic connects your network of enterprise-level dealerships – through one, simple to navigate mobile device. Our entire network is 100% accessible, with robust tools that help improve sales, communication, reporting, desking, and also marketing efficiency. 



Our enterprise-level automotive dealership CRM is built with technical, yet simple to access and use sales tools. Sales professionals can instantly upload customer data to the cloud, scan VIN numbers to auto-populate trade and vehicles of interest, and create deals remotely – from the palm of their hand.  The result is sales efficiency never seen before.



Having full mobile connectivity permits multiple location dealership leaders and team members to communicate effectively. Our easy to navigate communication tools include lead management solutions, automated phone calls, SMS/MMS/Video Text Messaging, and also customized alerts – so you never miss an opportunity to convert. 



Create report distribution throughout your network of dealerships with DealerPeak Classic. Set-up reporting features that allocate reports to appropriate departments, employees and also vendors. The Activity Manager Overview is simple to configure, allowing users to review reporting features that are important to them. 

One CRM Solution to Manage Them All

DealerPeak Classic is a completely mobile accessible car dealer CRM. Sitting on top of the DealerPeak Evolution, Classic is the result of years spent in the lab creating a robust and simple to navigate CRM solution for enterprise-level dealerships. This solution is filled with multiple sales, communication, reporting, desking, and also marketing tools that streamline dealership activities – and all from the flexibility of your mobile device.


DealerPeak Classic gives dealership managers, executives, and also sale associates a competitive advantage to reduce downtime and expedite the sales process. The dashboard and apps are non-intimidating, easy to navigate, and are customizable to fit any preference. Users can access each tool from any laptop, desktop, tablet, and also a mobile device.


The display screen is simple to read, adjustments are easy to make, and most importantly, helps any sized dealership close more deals – quicker. This ultimately improves the customer buying experience, produces more referrals and thus, increases the opportunity for growth.


Arguably the best feature of DealerPeak Classic is our award-winning technical support team. We hire the cream of the crop, technical experts with practical car dealership experience. They speak your language and provide simple to understand coaching on a team or individual basis.



Finally, a fully accessible mobile CRM solution for enterprise-level dealers. DealerPeak Classic is a robust automobile car dealership CRM for larger dealer networks that helps to streamline and improve the communications process. DealerPeak Classic is scalable, simple to navigate, and is customizable to individual preferences.


First, users can create custom dashboards. Second, alerts are easy to set-up for incoming text, email, phone calls, and video messaging. Ultimately, DealerPeak Classic will help dealerships expedite the follow-up with customers, leads, and also with other dealers in the network. Most importantly, all tools are accessed from mobile devices and at any time.


MMS and SMS Text


Receive, send, store, and also organize your mobile text messages including video and photos incoming from contacts. This mobile automotive CRM permits users to access all text tools from your laptop, desktop, tablets, and also smartphones. Because of the full mobile connectivity, dealer team members can access and send communication to customers regardless of their location.




The DealerPeak Classic mobile CRM includes customized automated tools that are personalized by each user. Text messages to leads, customers, vendors, and other dealer team members are easy to automate. Plus, users can also set up automated alerts when pending communication requires review.


Mobile Phone Recording, Organization, and Recall


Phone calls to your mobile device or online phone number are easy to access and save. Users can record all phone calls for easy review, and they can assign communication to individual customer or vendor profiles.


Lead Management – Collect, Organize, and Manage Leads


When you can organize your leads better, follow-up opportunities expand. DealerPeak Classic is a completely mobile accessible CRM that allows each user to collect, reach, manage, and most importantly, reach out to leads for improved follow-up chances.




First and foremost, dealership sales begin with the collection of data. DealerPeak Classic is designed to improve sales opportunities. Customer CRM profiles are simple to access and upload data. Users can scan customer driver licenses, VIN barcodes, create new customer and vehicle CRM profiles, and upload data, photos and more from any location and any device.


Driver License Scan


The DealerPeak Classic driver license scan puts the power of starting the sales process in the palm of your hand. Just take a picture of the bar code located on a driver license, and the DealerPeak Classic technology will do the rest.


Inventory VIN Scan


DealerPeak Classic allows users to scan the VIN bar code to likewise automatically populate a new CRM entry. Users can then upload vehicle data, photos, video, and other important information. All reports and tools are accessed from any device to expedite the trade in process.  


Update Profiles


Vehicle and customer profiles are easy to update with photos and video thanks to this mobile-friendly CRM. DealerPeak Classic allows users to upload photos, video, and input data from the flexibility of their mobile devices. The cloud-based CRM permits users to access all information from any device.


Desking is Improved with EZ View


EZ View is a single-click, one-screen desking tool that is updated and accessed from tablets, smartphones, desktop, and laptops. All users can upload pre-filled out paperwork, download them to devices and submit to remote printers – from their mobile device. This reduces downtime for sales and improves efficiency.




This mobile car dealer CRM is loaded with technology that improves automation. DealerPeak Classic includes the Activity Workflow Overview and Autopilot apps that help users improve the opportunity for quicker communication and lead follow-up.

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Begin the Sales Process Correctly

DealerPeak Classic complete mobile access permits enterprise-level dealership to start the relationship with customers quickly. The built-in driver license scan can auto-populate a new CRM entry or link to an existing contact. This provides the baseline of information that can be quickly uploaded to the CRM from any location, for improved communication and better opportunity for follow-up

Driver License Scan

With DealerPeak Classic, sales associates can take a picture of the customer license directly on the lot.

Auto Populate CRM

The CRM will download customer data from the DL barcode and automatically populate a new CRM entry.

Improves Relationships

No longer will customers be left alone on the lot while sales associates make photo copies of licenses.

Improved Follow-Up

During downtime, sales associates can access missed sales opportunities from their mobile device and follow-up with interested customers.

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Create Deals from the Lot

DealerPeak Classic is a powerful sales tool. It helps users create, manage, and push forward deals for quicker approvals and improved closing rates. Pull credit reports, input financial data, swap primary applicants, and share numbers with customers on mobile, tablets, desktop or laptops. 

Desk Deals

DealerPeak Classic permits decision makers to desk deals by reviewing different scans including retail or selling price, max profit, by profit percentage, or generic.

Tablet Enabled

DealerPeak Classic is accessible via tablets. This convenient compatibility permits the sales team to share screen information with others. This expedites deal review and approval.

Credit Apps

DealerPeak Classic allows users to download and print credit applications from the comfort of their mobile device. Pictures of completed apps can be taken and forwarded to finance to create the best deal for customers.

Approval Push

Once the deal is acceptable by the customer, the sales team can forward via email, text, or desktop alert to decision makers for faster review, revisions, and also quicker approvals.

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Automation Made Easy

The DealerPeak Classic Auto-Pilot is designed to streamline automation between several dealerships, from a single device. Set up auto alerts and actions that notify you of incoming reports, deals, and communication. 

Text Alerts

DealerPeak Classic allows time-strapped dealership executives, managers, and sales team to automate incoming text message alerts.

Email Alerts

Our mobile CRM permits users to manage incoming email alerts vendors, leads, current customers, or team members.

Desktop Alerts

Set up automatic desktop alerts that will notify you of incoming credit apps, deals, text, email, employee communication, and other dealer activities.

Activity Workflow

The Activity Workflow tool from DealerPeak Classic can be set-up for your individual comfort level or preferences.

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Collect Leads with Ease

DealerPeak Classic’s mobile CRM gives enterprise-level dealers the flexibility to locate and target future customers, organize the data collection, review ROI, metrics, and custom reports. 

Identify Leads

The potent marketing tools infused in DealerPeak Classic permit users to identify leads by creating custom lead generation campaigns - based on vehicle interest, demographic data, and other criteria.

Organization of Data

DealerPeak Classic makes organizing data simple. With each campaign, users can organize data into personal files, which also provides improved follow-up opportunities while activity slows at the dealership.

Metric Review

Review metrics on individual campaigns from any mobile device. KPI's, marketing budgets, and other indicators are customized for all dealerships and users.

Continually Improve

Improve the impact and effectiveness of each marketing campaign. You can fine-tune your data collection to improve closing rates, and increase sales.

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Receive and Organize Text Messages

DealerPeak Classic is configured to improve your ability to receive, store, organize, and also access all text messaging. SMS, MMS, or Video text messages from customers, vendors, or likewise other dealership contacts is simplified and streamlined with DealerPeak Classic full-mobile accessibility. 

Send and Receive Text

Customer information and text information is simple to organize. Review all records of communication, send and receive text messages, from the comfort of your mobile device.

Video Messaging

Take video from smartphones or tablets then immediately distribute to appraisal, customers, vendors, lenders, and other dealership contacts - from any location on the lot.


Quickly review incoming communication or alerts and toggle between phone, text, email, or desktop answering options. .


DealerPeak Classic provides 100% access via mobile devices. This expedites text or video messaging organization and access.

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Faster Credit Approval

DealerPeak Classic is infused with tools that permit finance and sales members to expedite credit approvals. Dealerships can pull credit from 700Credit, DealerTrack, Route One, or CUDL – and quickly push forward to lenders – directly from their mobile device. 

Pull Credit

The mobile technology built into DealerPeak Classic permits the sales team to pull consumer credit from multiple agencies simultaneously.

Access Documents

Complete remote access of stored pre-printed documents such as credit applications from multiple lenders can be downloaded and sent to Bluetooth-enabled printers.

Accuracy Improved

DealerPeak Classic is designed to improve paperwork accuracy and input to expedite the credit process. Protect consumers private data and reduce errors with our secure cloud-based network.

Push for Approval

After all credit docs are prepared, and credit numbers have been received, applications can be pushed directly to the finance department and decision makers for faster approval and more satisfied customers.

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Powerful Reporting Tools

Reporting sales, payroll, customer satisfaction, and also dealership activities is streamlined with DealerPeak Classic. Our enterprise-level CRM is powered by our Activity Manager Overview (AMO) designed to provide a snapshot of reports. 

Access Reports

DealerPeak Classic provides full mobile access to real-time reporting during meetings, on the lot, from laptops, desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Update Customer Activity

The DealerPeak Classic AMO permits users to set up customized alerts for pending communication from finance, sales lot, service department, and others.

Schedule Reporting

Data should always find a dealership, they shouldn't have to search for it. DealerPeak Classic is set up to allocate and distribute reports through your network.

Snapshot Reporting

DealerPeak Classic gives managers, the sales team, and all dealership departments to set-up personal snapshot reporting that are displayed on your tablets, mobile, and other devices.

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Remote Inventory Control

Inventory control and management is streamlined with DealerPeak Classic. Busy dealership managers and sales associates can manage each location inventory with mobile VIN scan, assigning vehicles of interest to customer CRM profiles, and improve follow-up. 

Scan VIN Code

Users can take a picture with their smartphone or tablet, and quickly upload to the DealerPeak Classic cloud.

Add Vehicle Data

We designed the text fields for simplicity. Users can quickly add mileage, vehicle condition, special features and more.

Upload Photos

Instantly upload photos of vehicles to the cloud, assign them to individual vehicles, and access from any device.

Assign to Customers

The inventory tool in DealerPeak Classic allows users to assign vehicles to customers based on interest.

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Improve the Trade Process

DealerPeak Classic allows users to improve the trade-in process for speed and accuracy. The VIN tag can be scanned by any mobile device, uploaded to the cloud-based CRM, along with images, vehicle data, and pushed forward to the appraisal desk for approval.  

VIN Scan

Take a picture of the vehicle VIN bar code and DealerPeak Classic will handle the rest. Our robust CRM will populate a new trade in record instantly.

Upload Data

Upload critical data including mileage, condition, trim options, and other important information easily and quickly with full mobile access.

Upload Photos

The sales team have the flexibility to take pictures with their mobile devices and instantly upload them to the DealerPeak Classic CRM.

Retail Market Analysis

Remotely analyze the price for vehicles sold within 150 miles, time on the lot, and compare the year, make, model or by trim level - for accurate pricing.

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DMS Input Expedited

DealerPeak Classic is compatible with most dealership management systems.  The smooth integration results in faster input of data, reduced downtime, and the lack of required duplicate data entry into redundant DMS systems. As a result, mistakes are likewise reduced.

Inventory Control

VIN numbers can be entered instantly into the CRM by scanning the VIN bar code. Update vehicle data, insert images, vehicle information or assign to customer profiles while pushing through the DMS.

Sales History

Users can customize DealerPeak Classic to review customer sales, communication, or dealership communication history. Users can also review sales metrics from their mobile device.

Deal Status

Dealership executives and managers can access multiple dealerships from our easy to navigate mobile app. The remote capability provides quicker access to updated deal data.

Customer Look Up

Search for customer-specific data entry from any mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop. The remote access of DealerPeak Classic helps to expedite data review for more accurate deal making.

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Lightning Quick Retail Analysis

The DealerPeak Classic Appraisal App expedites the trade in process. Users will access real-time trade updates, upload images, and also process VIN decoding. At the same time, you can access Manheim MMS, CARFAX, Autocheck and more to receive accurate retail analysis reporting. All features are 100% accessed from your mobile smartphone. 

VIN Scan & Populate

Users scan the VIN bar code on the vehicle, and DealerPeak Classic will automatically populate a new vehicle record for expedited trade input.

Simple Data Entry

The data input fields are simple to use. Dealership team members can enter specific data such as vehicle condition, mileage, trim upgrades, and other info.

Photo Upload

Take a picture with your mobile device and quickly upload vehicle images to the cloud-based CRM. Access all photos and vehicle trade-in data from any device.

Auto Descriptions

DealerPeak Classic features automatic vehicle description input, which helps maximize SEO with search-friendly terms, not cheesy lines.

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Website Management Simplified

Edit and access your websites from any device – any location – and any time. Content, inventory, rebates & incentives, and more is simple to edit or add. Plus, users can access content reports, metrics, site visits, and even improve SEO.

Update Content

Fresh content drives online marketing. Make changes to your website content from any location and from any device.

Edit Website Inventory

Using DealerPeak Classic's mobile technology, users can update, add, or delete vehicle inventory as soon as the deals close.

Rebates & Incentives

Want to create a new weekend-long incentive campaign? Perhaps offer rebates for specific vehicles? DealerPeak Classic makes updating this info on websites simple.

Custom Website Design

If you're looking to put all of your enterprise-level dealerships on a single, easy to access, Adaptive & Responsive platform, DealerPeak can help create a customized online solution.