DealerPeak Classic OEM Certifications

OEM Compatibility for Improved Lead Conversions

Our DealerPeak team understands how valuable OEM leads are to the enterprise-level dealership. This is why we’ve partnered with multiple OEM manufacturers. These partnerships allow us to provide updated OEM sales and lead management tools to our enterprise-level dealership partners.

Full OEM Lead Compliance

Connecting with customers with OEM preferences is crucial for beginning the sales process on the right foot. To that end, DealerPeak Classic is powered by multiple OEM certifications that comply with the disposition of data processing of sales leads. 


We ensure our OEM Certifications are updated immediately, which provides you with the best opportunity for access incentives and lead dispositions. We’ve partnered with leading brands including Ford, Toyota, and Nissan, and high-end brands Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Porsche.