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The Summit of DealerPeak's Evolution

DealerPeakClassic.com – Mobile Automotive Car Dealer CRM

DealerPeak Classic sits on top of the DealerPeak Evolution. Designed specifically for the enterprise-level dealership network, DealerPeak Classic is a complete automotive car dealer CRM solution with full mobile connectivity and access. Each tool, app, program and also solution can be fully used from your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and also desktops.


This flexibility gives multiple dealer managers and executives the power to manage several locations from a single device, and most importantly, from any location. Daily dealership duties ranging from inventory control, website management, lead generation, communication, and also car sales are simplified and streamlined with DealerPeak Classic.


DealerPeak Classic is a cloud-based mobile-friendly CRM packed with robust, easy to navigate and also customized solutions. Each user can set up their dashboard to fit their personal preferences, job duty, and also comfort level with technology. These features make DealerPeak Classic a user-friendly CRM, which improves the speed of customer interaction, vehicle sales, and most importantly, improved profitability.

Explore the DealerPeak Evolution

The DealerPeak Evolution is a series of niche-based, customized CRM solutions for automotive dealerships of specific size and scope. Our car dealer CRM solutions are completely mobile accessible – not just a few tools like most CRM’s on the market – COMPLETE access of every tool, app, report, and solutions. We develop our CRM solutions to suit the needs and desires of our customers. We listened to our customers and created a suite of solutions for different dealership types.


CarDog was developed for the independent car dealership. Each tool is customized to help users complete simultaneous tasks without having to toggle between screens. Its also great for individual sales associates at private dealerships gain a competitive advantage.   

DealerPeak Plus

DealerPeak Plus helps the franchise dealership network improve car sales efficiency. It is developed with expanded technology to improve compatibility throughout the dealership network. Executives can manage multiple locations from a single mobile device.

What is DealerPeak Classic?

Classic sits on top of the DealerPeak Evolution. Designed for the enterprise-level dealership network, DealerPeak Classic is the premium solution that offers complete mobile access to every feature, tool, app and also solution. This robust car dealership CRM permits all users to customize preferences, dashboard settings and also alerts that helps to improve communication, sales, inventory control, and website management. 


Communicating with vendors, employees, other dealership leaders and company executives is streamlined with DealerPeak Classic. Our robust CRM solutions are 100% accessible from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Simply download the DealerPeak Classic app and log-into our fully secure cloud-based network.


Users can set up custom alerts, reports, and communication tools for automation and easier access. From automating your voicemail or phone call notifications or alerts to creating deals on the lot, pulling credit, uploading images and trade-in data, DealerPeak Classic simplifies the task of selling vehicles. 

DealerPeak, LLC began with a mission to provide a 17-franchise dealership network with an Internet Lead Management (ILM) platform. From those humble beginnings, DealerPeak grew into the forward-thinking technical solutions provider we’re known for today. 


Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2019, DealerPeak continues to provide solutions that are practical, affordable, and solve problems that car dealers deal with daily. We hire the cream of the crop, technical guru’s and customer service superstars who are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of each customer. Our team develops cutting-edge technology solutions that solve problems and permit dealerships to stay ahead of the competition. 


About DealerPeak Classic – Mobile Automotive Independent Car Dealership CRM


DealerPeak Classic is the pinnacle of the DealerPeak Evolution. It’s a mobile automotive car dealership CRM that is 100% accessible from any device – and from any location. It permits enterprise-level car dealerships to streamline communication, sales, reporting, and desking – to improve the car sales process.


DealerPeak Plus is a cloud-based CRM – meaning that users can access all tools and apps from their desktops, laptops, tablets, and also mobile devices. Each user can customize their dashboard for comfort, their job responsibility, and likewise their ability level with technology.