DealerPeak Classic CRM helps the multi-location, multi-line dealership improves communications efficiency. Customized for each customer, our CRM is simple to navigate, provides a global view, and is also filled with robust communication tools, automated alerts, and is also BDC/CRC friendly.


Automation through the dealership network improves customer service and provides a better opportunity for conversion. DealerPeak Classic permits users to set-up automated alerts, create reporting distribution, and manage notifications via text, desktop alerts, and likewise email. 


Our Enterprise-Level Mobile CRM helps the sales team close deals quicker. Scan customer driver license, create a new CRM entry, upload trade information, and also pull credit, build deals and push forward to appraisals, finance, and management directly from the lot and from the sales team mobile device.


Managing multiple location marketing campaigns is streamlined with our mobile car dealership CRM. Users can access, manage, edit, and review metrics and KPI’s from a customized and also easy-to-navigate dashboard.  All marketing tools are accessible from desktop, laptop, tablets, or any mobile device. 

Solving Enterprise-Level Dealership CRM Solutions since 1999

DealerPeak Classic is the complete mobile accessible solution enterprise-level dealerships have been searching for years. This robust automotive dealership CRM has been beta tested and proven with multiple DealerPeak customers. Take time to review their thoughts on the flexibility this new platform delivers.


We have trusted DealerPeak to power our dealerships CRM and Desking solutions for years. Upgrading to DealerPeak Classic accelerated our sales and lead follow-up efficiency significantly. 


The integration of DealerPeak Classic was simple, painless, and complete. The DealerPeak support and training team was courteous, attentive to detail, and most importantly – patient. 


With dealerships in 4 states, communication between managers and stakeholders is crucial. We use DealerPeak Classic throughout our company and have never had an easier to use tool. 

Compare DealerPeak Classic to Our Competition

We love competition at DealerPeak. Our technical team never rests on our laurels, always evolving and fine-tuning our technology to better serve our customers growing needs. DealerPeak Classic is the latest DealerPeak Evolution, and far surpasses others in our industry. 

DealerPeak Classic

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What is DealerPeak Classic?

With the rise of online automotive buying platforms, car dealerships of all size must find better ways of expediting the car buying experience. From the customer first interaction to signing paperwork to close the deal, a completely mobile accessible automotive car dealership CRM solution can accomplish this important task.


DealerPeak Classic is the CRM solution enterprise-level dealerships need to stay ahead of the competition.


DealerPeak Classic is the latest evolution in car dealer customer relationship management. Its cloud-based platform is accessible from any device, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and most importantly, any mobile device.


It was designed by the CRM guru’s at DealerPeak, with the goal of allowing enterprise-level dealerships to communicate, sell, report, market, and automate their entire network – from a simple smartphone. DealerPeak Classic is simple to use, easy to configure and can be customized to the personal preference of each user.

Customized for the Enterprise-Level Dealership


A major hurdle with integrating a new CRM is getting everybody on board to use the technology. With nearly everybody on the planet using mobile devices to communicate daily, finding a way to provide complete mobile accessibility to a CRM simply makes sense. DealerPeak Classic is the solution enterprise-level dealerships have been actively searching for years.


DealerPeak Classic is fine-tuned for accuracy, speed, and most importantly, flexibility. Each tool, app, dashboard, report, and sales feature are 100% accessible from any mobile device, at any location, and at any time. The platform is configured to personal taste, the volume of sales, amounts of users, and multiple additional preferences.


Additionally, DealerPeak Classic is supported by a team of technical gurus with actual dealership experience, allowing them to communicate with you in easy to understand and practical language.


A Complete Automotive Car Dealer CRM


DealerPeak Classic elevates the traditional car dealer CRM to an entirely different level. This game-changing CRM solution is built for the enterprise-level dealership network. It is filled with robust sales, communication, reporting, and also sales tools, that can be personalized for individual preferences. Dealership managers and executives can access all apps and tools from their desktop, laptop, tablets, and most importantly, their mobile devices.


The robust CRM is cloud-based, allowing users to store and access all files remotely. Sales professionals can instantly scan driver license of new customers and also automatically populate a new CRM entry or assign to an existing contact. VIN numbers are scanned, auto-populate a new vehicle entry, which permits users to update vehicle specifics, upload photos, and push forward to appraisal desk. Additionally, a sales professional can access CARFAX, credit apps, and agencies, and create deals – directly on the lot.


Dealership managers and executives can also review reports, create, manage, and analyze marketing and sales campaigns, and likewise, set up automated alerts and more – from any mobile device. DealerPeak Classic improves sales lead conversion, streamlines communication, and most importantly, expedites the automotive sales process.


Complete Automation and Connectivity to Daily CRM Solutions


The customized access of DealerPeak Classic elevates dealership activities. Complete sales from the lot, expedite trade-in, swap lender information, pull credit, and push forward through the dealership approval process. When used at full potential, DealerPeak Classic can increase dealership web traffic, improve the lead collection, and streamline the sales process; leading to satisfied customers, more referrals and increased sales.


Sell: DealerPeak Classic is engineered to expedite the car sales process. Sales associates can begin customer relationships on the right foot. The entire sales process is fully accessible from a mobile device. Scan the customer driver license, upload the trade in data, push forward to appraisal, and also create deals.  


Communicate: DealerPeak Classic improves communication between dealerships, employees, customers, and also vendors. Automated photo, text, and video messaging, call forwarding, and email alerts are easy to set-up. Telephony service including voice mail, mobile phone lines, and likewise instant notifications are simple to establish.


Automate: DealerPeak Classic permits enterprise-level managers, executives, and all users to set-up automated push notifications, sales automation, and also automated workflow. Automatic forwarding of reports is simple to forward throughout the network, to dealership managers, sales associates, and also ancillary departments.


Market: This robust CRM permits users to access, edit, and also update websites from any mobile device. Users can review metrics, target marketing, lead collection, and other campaigns. Metrics, reporting, and also ROI is 100% accessible from any device – and any location.